Monthly Foreign Trade Report

September 2018

In September 2018, the export requests including free trade zones totaled USD 760 million, a figure 10 percent lower than that of September 2017. This is mainly explained by the lower soybean, livestock and wood placements in the month. In turn, the exports of paper pulp and rice were the main boosters for the month’s sales.

The accrued exports of 2018 reached USD 850 million, which entails a retraction of 0.3% against the same period of 2017. Paper pulp, wood and sub products, beef, live animals and dairy products had the most positive effect. In turn, soybean had –by far– the most negative effect in the year’s exports, followed by rice.

Special matter: the recent development and the perspectives of the prices of the main commodities exported by Uruguay are examined.

Source: UruguayXXI

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